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Apr 9

V&A Research Trip

          Last week I undertook a research trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to explore their print and pattern collection. I looked at a wide range of pattern sources from metalwork through to silk pattern designs. I photographed what I could however a lot of items were behind glass and my camera wasn’t able to capture them properly. I was also disappointed to find several relevant rooms such as the England 1700-1900 which contains fabric and wallpaper designs from that period were shut for maintainance, however the V&A’s website contains a wealth of information and images on all their exhibits. I can also use the website to refer back to designs that I could not photograph. I was also able to purchase some postcards of pattern design that I did not get to see for reference. 

I found the V&A’s collection of pattern and print inspiring and found design inspiration in areas that I had previously not thought to look such as metal work and ceramics.

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